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LiT Coolers' New Tech Includes 'Ice Legs,' Night Sight Lights, and More

Cool new technology is taking the roto-molded cooler market by storm.

Let's face it. There's no shortage of great high end coolers available on the market today. Sadly, most of them are carbon copies of each other with a few slight design differences. Even down to the colors, it's hard to tell brands apart. Not for long. Introducing LiT Coolers.

The Alabama-based LiT Coolers is a young company by many standards. And like many young companies, they're challenging the status quo of some of the big players in the market. LiT recently sent me one of their coolers to check out. Simply put, these things are bad ass and their technology is serious. Here's my thoughts.

Night Sight LED Lights

One of LiT Coolers initial claims to fame comes from their Night Sight liner in the cooler. This great little feature lights up the contents of the cooler whenever the lid is open. LED lights sit inside a waterproof ring atop the cooler making it incredibly easy to see what's inside, no matter the time of day. In a conversation with CEO Don Howell, he suggested that, with normal use, this light could last well over a year before needing a charge. I had to see it to believe it. Out of the box, without charging, I left the lid of the cooler open to see how long the lights would last. Surprisingly, the lights stayed on for over fifteen hours straight - 15:20:33 to be exact. That's a lot of opening and closing to grab your favorite beverage.

On top of LiT Coolers is a window in which users can incorporate a name, image, team or custom logo. Upon closing the lid, the LEDs will stay on for a short while, just long enough to showcase your fandom to the world. Don't want to mess with a logo? No worries. Just order the lid in your favorite camo pattern and you're sure to make a statement.

Ice Legs Reusable Ice Chambers

The other feature that had me really excited about LiT Coolers is the Ice Legs. Molded into each corner of the cooler is a reusable ice chamber. LiT claims that this design quickly helps cool the walls of the cooler allowing users to either maintain ice much longer, or use less ice all together. Again, I had to verify. I froze the Ice Legs, placed them in the cooler, threw in a thermometer to read the air temperature, and didn't open the lid. Remember that little window we talked about, it allowed me to quickly and easily monitor the temp inside the cooler.

These guys aren't messing around. Surprisingly, the temperature inside the cooler dropped steadily for the first 12 hours, bottoming out around 35 degrees. With no ice! The cooler held that temp for over 36 hours. It wasn't until day #3 that the air temp inside the cooler went above 40 degrees.

How is LiT able to do that? Besides the Ice Legs, the lids on LiT Coolers have an additional half inch of insulation over many competitive models. They also have rubber feet on the base of the cooler to get the unit off the ground and away from the heat that could be coming from the floor or hot pavement.

Other Features

Beyond the cool new tech, LiT Coolers offer all of the standard features you'd expect in a heavy duty cooler. The lid is lockable. There are two built-in options for tie-downs for the back of your truck or trailer, and the dual handle system makes carrying this beast a breeze.

LiT has also gotten creative with their partnerships. Safari Club International, ESPN, and Talladega Superspeedway are just a few of the groups LiT is working with for special editions coolers.

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