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Group of Lions Backs Down From Ferocity of a Honey Badger

Lions vs Honey Badger
YouTube: Game Drive Channel

Honey badgers are not afraid of lions!

While the lion has long been considered the king of the big cats, even Africa's most ferocious predators have their limits. That limit just happens to be with the equally famous honey badger. These creatures are part of the greater weasel and badger family. A close relative is the wolverine.

The honey badger has gained a legendary reputation in the Internet age as the animal has been made into a meme with its temper and ferocity exaggerated to unbelievable proportions. In fact, it had us doubting this critter could be as mean as the Internet masses were suggesting.

Well, we think we may have been wrong in that regard. As proof, we present this video from South Africa where a small group of lions comes face-to-face with a pair of honey badgers. Turn up the volume, it is worth it to hear the incredible sounds of the honey badger as it stands up to the most ferocious big cats living on the dark continent.

It seems clear that these two species rarely interact. That young lioness was curious about these much smaller creatures. She stopped just short of fully committing to attempting to make one into a meal. Lions are not dumb, and they will clearly weigh the odds of getting injured vs how hungry they are. In this instance, it simply was not worth it, and the honey badgers stood their ground successfully.

This footage was shot in South Africa's Kruger National Park, which is a prime spot for seeing lions in the wild. However, videos of honey badgers are somewhat rare. Videos of honey badgers interacting with other large predators seem even less common. For the most part, the honey badger is a creature that keeps to itself.

However, if their young are in danger, or they are cornered, honey badgers are quick to spring into action with a stunning ferocity. They are like one of those little dogs that think they are a big dog. Clearly no one told the honey badgers they were greatly outnumbered and under-sized for this fight. We suppose it is true what they say, it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog that counts. In this case, these honey badgers lived to see another day due to that fight and drive.

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Group of Lions Backs Down From Ferocity of a Honey Badger