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Watch Levi the German Shepherd Realize He Will "Survive" the Shower

Dogs are often hesitant when it comes to new experiences. It can take a lot of coaxing (read: treats) to get them to take baths. Some dogs never get there (like this husky), while others eventually come around and see the benefits of a good, long soak. One German shepherd, Levi, was rather resistant to the idea of getting in the shower. In a hilarious TikTok video, he talks about his journey in a clever parody of the iconic song "I Will Survive."

The video posted on his account, @service_dog_levi, begins with the pup in the shower prancing around as water rains down on his face.

He yowls, "First, I was afraid. I was petrified!" The talented pooch moves to the other side of the shower and puts his paw up over his face, almost like he's hiding behind it: "Every time I heard a shower, I would run and hide." Then comes the change of heart. He sings, "But I spent so many nights thinking how much I was wrong." Levi continues to jump around in the shower, clearly enjoying the water flowing all over his face. "But now I'm strong! Me and the shower get along!" he sings. "And now I'm back! I shower every day. I get in, turn the water on, and wash the grime away..."

Levi's tribute to the shower is adorable—and he has quite the "singing" voice! Viewers agree, commenting on how perfectly timed the clip appears. "The first few lines almost fit the mouth movements," one person wrote. "Literally thought the dog was singing," another commented. To which Levi's dog mom replied, "He was!" Obviously!

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