Leupold's 'Project Hunt' Contest Seeks to Capture Your Fall Adventures on Film

Here's your chance to immortalize your 2021 hunting season with expert help. Enter the Project Hunt contest, and your hunt could be filmed and shared by Leupold.

How cool would it be to have a professional videographer follow you throughout your hunting season? You've probably dreamt of the possibility, but have always had to come to terms with reality: that's a far-fetched desire and your chances at ever making it happen are slim to none.

Well, those odds are significantly increased if you enter Leupold's new Project Hunt contest, which is rewarding one lucky winner with that exact scenario. Entries must include a 2-minute video that explains your planned hunt and persuades Leupold's team that your hunt is the one to choose.

It's your tag, your hunt, and therefore your story to tell, and Leupold wants to help make it extra special.

"No one is more relentless than the members of the Leupold Core," said Bruce Pettet, President and Chief Executive Officer for Leupold. "Project Hunt is going to prove that. Tell us what you're hunting, where you're hunting, and why your story is unique. If you're selected we'll help you tell it, whether you've drawn the tag of lifetime or plan to hunt over-the-counter."

If you've ever wanted to star in your own digital hunting show, this is legitimately your best chance. Once the contest sees a winner, Leupold will send a videographer and produce an exciting video of the hunt, meaning all you have to do is enjoy yourself and seek out success. The captured footage will be featured in either a short film or limited series that will be shared publicly on Leupold's YouTube Channel in 2022. The Project Hunt winner will also receive a prize package loaded with Leupold's optic and accessory gear.

There's an August 1, 2021 deadline for anyone who wants to enter. Remember that you'll need to submit a 2-minute video explaining why you should be selected as the Project Hunt winner, which you can upload at Leupold.com/ProjectHunt.

One important detail: the contest is only open to United States residents, and only U.S.-based hunts will be considered.

If you've got a GREAT hunt in mind for this season, why not take a chance at memorializing it in video form with Leupold's help? Enter Project Hunt today and it could become reality.