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Shark Gets Eerily Close to Two Miami Beachgoers

Here's what it looks like to be up to your chest in the ocean and have to out-swim a shark that's between you and the shore.

Florida, and in this case Miami, has more than its fair share of sharks, and this video proves it. Imagine being up to your chest in the ocean, barely 20-yards off of the beach, you see the dorsal fin of a large predatory fish, and you realize that you may just have to out-swim a shark.

It's hard to tell, but it looks like there is at least three to four feet between said dorsal fin and the tail fin, making this particular shark a fairly sizable one! Add that to the fact that it definitely locates those two people and goes over to check them out.

There can be no question that the shark turned, checked out the trailing woman, and then cut back towards the direction that it came from.

Check out the heart-pounding video:

There's an old saying that a bear hunter only has to be faster than his hunting partner! Well, the fellow in the lead probably wasn't thinking about that as he left that woman in the proverbial dust, powering his way back to the beach.

In any case, it would have been awful had the shark decided that it was hungry enough to attack. Chances are that the shark—possibly a hammerhead—was in shallow to chase mullet or even tarpon, but in the Sunshine State there are plenty of sightings like this to stay aware of.

Thankfully, it appears that no one was hurt except, perhaps, for the woman's feelings.

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