Leopard vs Lion
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Lion and Leopard Battle Over Kill in a Treetop Until The Branches Break Beneath Them

This tree isn't big enough for two cats!

Everyone knows that leopards like to take their kill up into the treetops. In the African bush, it is the best way for these big cats to keep their meal safe from the many scavengers that live there. This is usually an effective strategy for creatures not known for their climbing abilities like wild dogs and hyenas.

Africa is home to plenty of other big cats that are just as skilled at climbing. We do not see it often, but lions are more than capable of going up a tree if they want. That is just what happened in today's video.

This footage was shot in Londolozi Game Reserve. This leopard simply wanted to enjoy a meal in peace when one determined female lion decided she was going to try and steal the kill. The only problem is the tree they decide to do battle in is not strong enough to hold both big cats!

According to the video's description, the lion pride had to search a bit before they figured out where the leopard was hiding with its kill. Although lions are perfectly capable of killing their own meals, they also will not hesitate to be lazy and steal the kill from another animal. In this case, it worked. Sort of.

Despite the tree breaking and both cats taking a nasty tumble, it does not seem either was any worse for wear. The leopard quickly fled the scene, as anyone would. We are not sure if the lion dug what was left of the carcass out of all that tree debris or not. In any case it appears the lion got the best of this encounter!

We are just glad someone had a camera rolling when this incident took place. Because it is not often you see two animals fight in a tree, and even rarer to see them fall out of it!

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