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African Lion Viciously Brings Down Kudu in Front of Stunned Tourists

YouTube: Kruger Sightings

These tourists got to see nature in action first-hand.

In South Africa, a brutal life-or-death struggle plays out every single day in wild places like Kruger National Park where different animals like the kudu continually become just another link in the food chain.

Kruger is one of Africa's most popular National Parks. Mainly because scenes straight out a wildlife documentary are a common sight for tourists visiting there. Today's video is just another example of that.

In an incident that was captured on a camera from two different angles, a lion walking down the center of the road spots a nearby kudu and decides to grab a fast snack. The big cat drags the fighting kudu across the road before pulling it down and killing it roadside. It's an amazing sight that one does not get to witness in person very often.

Clearly, this lion has become accustomed to the tourists in the park. He did not even bat an eye at all the vehicles following him down the road. He gave a quick glance back at the vehicle that stopped next to his kill, but even then, he did not seem too concerned with what was going on.

It has us wondering if the kudu failed to hear the big cat coming because of traffic on the roadway. Once that lion sunk his claws into the back of that kudu, it was all over. The big cat was simply much too powerful and strong.

While female lions usually do the brunt of the hunting for the prides that wander through Africa, this video proves that the males have no problems with grabbing an easy snack if the opportunity presents itself. This did seem like an opportunistic kill more than the lion purposely hunting along the roadway.

Either way, it's an amazing encounter to capture on video and share with the world. It may be brutal to watch, but that is simply nature's way.

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African Lion Viciously Brings Down Kudu in Front of Stunned Tourists