Legislative Mistakes Causes Confusion For Indiana Deer Hunters

A mistake in a House bill at the state legislative level leads to frustration from hunters.

According to an Associated Press report, Rep. Sean Eberhart, R-Shelbyville, authored House Bill 1415.  Eberhart told the AP the bill intended to clarify rules regarding the use of high-velocity ammunition on private property. But, due to an error in the text that no one caught, the bill actually only allows hunters to use rifles to hunt deer on private grounds.

Most state legislatures have legislative councils made up of attorneys and other experts in policy interpretation. Those departments often review potential legislation that would impact certain state departments as well. Legislators themselves have staff members, and there are also multiple watch-dog and media groups reporting of bills being filed and passed.

However, according to Eberhart, no one caught the mistake which now has many Indiana hunters in a bind. Those deer hunters who don't have access to private lands may have to purchase new equipment.

Legislative mistakes are just one of the concerns from many avid outdoor enthusiasts. They get nervous when state governments begin to toy with hunting and fishing laws. This has led many states, including Florida, Texas and Michigan, to pass resolutions protecting the right to hunt and fish within their states.