Legislation Allowing Bears and Wolves to Be Killed in Their Dens Passes House and Senate

New legislation in the works would mean that bears and wolves have may have a little more to worry about next hunting season.

Bears and wolves have long been sought after trophies for hunters for a number of valuable reasons. However, new legislation threatens to remove some certain laws that regulate just how these animals can be harvested, and when.

H.J. Res. 69 has already made it past the House and Senate. If it is signed by President Trump, here are a few of the predator control regulations that will be lifted:

  • Taking black or brown bear cubs or sows with cubs (exception allowed for resident hunters to take black bear cubs or sows with cubs under customary and traditional use activities at a den site October 15-April 30 in specific game management units in accordance with State law);
  • Taking brown bears over bait;
  • Taking of bears using traps or snares;
  • Taking wolves and coyotes during the denning season (May 1-August 9); and
  • Taking bears from an aircraft or on the same day as air travel has occurred. The take of wolves or wolverines from an aircraft or on the same day as air travel has occurred is already prohibited under current refuge regulations.

These rules were put in place by the federal government and are trying to be overturned by Alaskan officials who are claiming that these rules were placed upon them through federal overreach. They also claim that these regulations have an adverse impact on the ecosystem and the citizens of the state.

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