Wildlife Experts Stunned as Entire Pack of Wolves Disappears

Scientists are puzzled by the sudden disappearance of this rare pack of gray wolves.

Back in 2015 a family of gray wolves were spotted on a trail cam in the state of California. This is was a huge deal, as this would have been the first family of gray wolves to once again call the state their home. The Washington Post reported that the family of wolves included two adults and five small pups.

While gray wolves were once common in California, their population had been exterminated as early as 1924.

Below is the original trail cam video of the wolf pack.

"This news is exciting for California," department director Charlton H. Bonham said with the announcement. "We knew wolves would eventually return home to the state, and it appears now is the time."

Unfortunately, experts have recently been baffled to find no trace of the wolves since their first sighting. Although experts suggest that wolf packs tend to settle down in a specific area, it is possible that they have broadened their range due to the lack of other animals in the area.

It was believed that public outrage ensued after the animals were said to have attacked a calf. This event had biologists worried that hunters or landowners may take matters into their own hands in order to protect their herds. Despite the fears, there is no evidence that the wolf pack has been killed.

Since the gray wolf is an endangered species under both federal and state laws it is currently unlawful for them to be harvested. This, along with scat that is currently under analysis, gives experts a bit of hope as they wait for the animals to be spotted once again.

If you live in the area and happen to see one or more of these wolves, be sure to notify authorities by clicking here!

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