These Leather Leashes Put an End to Fido's Frequent Destruction

Your pup's sense of style begins with his leash!

Your choice of a dog leash, harness, or dog collar shows off a little of your own personality, whether you're a dog trainer or the owner of a few large dogs. Indeed, whether you pick neon green, metallic studs, or one emblazoned with your favorite logo, a pet's leash is like an owner's calling card. But leather takes it to a whole other level.

Braided leather dog leashes, leather dog collars, leather leads, and soft leather dog leashes are easy to find these days, and should replace your regular nylon leashes with ease. With stainless steel attachments, dog owners can buy the best quality heavy duty leashes for their dog walking excursions. Even small dogs can benefit from genuine leather, as the padded handle and USA made quality should hold up through years of daily walks.

Leather dog leads are durable, stronger than nylon, and more comfortable to hold than nylon dog leashes. Less slippage and better pliability are two more checks in the plus column when shopping for a quality leather leash for your pup. While the best dog leash will depend on your needs and your dog's, here are ten great leather dog leashes to consider.

Logical Leather Dog Leash

Who said leather leashes are only brown and, um, light brown? This full-grain leather pick comes in every color of the rainbow (including pink, purple, and burgundy) and sports a nickel-plated solid brass clasp for extra safety. The lifetime guarantee is a huge selling point, as is the fact that this product was independently evaluated to withstand over 245 pounds of pulling force.

Fairwin Leather Dog Leash

Made from Italian bull leather and braided for a smart look, this leash is also available in three different widths and two shades. The solid copper clasp won't oxidize and the heavy-duty construction means you can depend on this leash for years to come, whether you parent a majestic Belgian Malinois or a petite Pomeranian.

Blazing Paws Vibrania Heavy Duty Distressed Dog Leash

This super pretty tricolor number is sure to be the envy of the dog park. Braided to reveal each color tone (blue-green, turquoise, teal), this pick also features a soft suede handle that's easy on your skin if your dog decides to bolt after a rabbit in the bushes. Big, active dog breeds (Labs, border collies) are ideal candidates for this leash, thanks to its strength and durability.

Soft Touch Leather Braided Two-Tone Dog Leash

We love the black-pink and tan-teal color combos, but it's the hand stitching that really sells this leash. Plus, the inside loop at the top is lined with padded sheepskin to prevent rubbing and blisters when you're out for a long walk. The brass hardware is lacquered so rust won't set in, and the sealed-edge, naturally tanned leather is beautiful to behold.

Leatherberg Leather Dog Training Leash

Strong double stitching with metal rivets on each end plus 100 percent leather construction all but guarantee this leash will stand up to whatever your dog gives you. This pick is also designed to absorb some of the pulling your pup does when you're engaged in obedience training.

Signature K-9 Standard Leather Leash

If it's good enough for the dogs who work in law enforcement and the military, you know it'll be just fine for Tootsie the poodle. Crafted right in Pennsylvania by Amish artisans, this latigo leather dog leash is designed from high-quality latigo leather and offers beveled edges for added comfort. You can grab it from Amazon, too!

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