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For When You Least Expect it, Here Are 5 Bedside Gun Holster Systems

Especially if you don't work during typical business hours, you may want quick access to a weapon while you're sleeping. 

65% of burglaries occur between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m, when you're less likely to be at home - which also means that 45% happen at other times. Don't run the risk of letting a home invader catch you asleep and disarmed. Here are five great bedside holster systems.

1. The Bedside Shotgun Mount

No reason not to start this list with the big guns! For a reliable and inexpensive way to mount that 12-gauge at your side, buy or build a shotgun bracket like this:

2. The Gun Magnet

You can use a gun magnet almost anywhere, which makes it perfect for the bed, bedside table, or wherever you want to mount your weapon in your bedroom. Rated for 25 pounds, the Tac-Mag gun magnet will do the trick.

tac-mag gun magnet

3. The Under-the-Mattress Holster

Simple and very easy to draw from, this ambidextrous bedside holster will fit most full-sized and compact handguns, as well as many subcompact pistols.

bedside holster

4. The Drop Down Safe

I know what you're thinking: "Where are the safes?! I can't just leave a loaded gun unsecured in my bedroom!" Between this and the next list item, you should be able to get what you need. The drop down safe is a favorite for many gun owners because of how conveniently positioned the gun is once the safe is opened. GunVault makes rock-solid and very quiet drop down safes with either a combination or biometric lock.

drop down gunvault safe

5. The Classic Biometric Single-Gun Sentry® Safe

This is a tried and true system that is used by many Americans who need to keep their guns secured. Priced about $80 less than the biometric drop down safe, this safe will fit inside your nightstand drawer if you choose to store it there.

sentry safe