Hunting Camp Live

Learn How to Hunt With Hunting Camp Live, the New Educational Program From Modern Carnivore

If you're new to hunting and want help on how to get started, then you really need to check out Hunting Camp Live.

Mark Norquist is on a mission to educate new hunters and help them harvest their own nutritious and free range wild game meat. Mark has been trying to recruit and train novice hunters for several years now through his web site: Modern Carnivore.

Well, he's taking things a step further with Hunting Camp Live, which is his latest project.

2020 has been a crazy year in many respects. However, the disruptions to everyday life caused by COVID-19 have also led to an increased interest in hunting. Unfortunately, many people really don't know where to start when it comes to learning to hunt, especially if they don't have a family member or close friend to show them the ropes.

That's where Hunting Camp Live comes in. Basically, Hunting Camp Live is an online learning portal where you can watch video lessons on how to hunt and connect with other hunters through an accompanying digital community.

You can also watch the video below for a brief introduction to the sort of material covered at Hunting Camp Live.

Mark recently launched the first course on Hunting Camp Live focused on upland bird hunting. It covers topics like gear selection, how to scout for a good place to hunt, hunting safety considerations, hunting ethics, how to field dress and cook the fruits of a hunt, and specific tips on how to find a place to hunt and actually go hunting.

The course consists of videos and downloadable study guides that hunters can consume at their own pace. Plus, those at enroll in the course can also join some private social media groups and connect with other hunters to ask more specific questions, get feedback, and potentially even meet new friends and hunting buddies.

In short, this is an awesome resource that's definitely worth your time to check out. Visit HuntingCamp.Live to get access to one lesson from the upland bird hunting module for free. If you like what you see and want to enroll in the full course, 12 months of unlimited access to the program costs $180 (which will be money well spent).

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