Watch 3 People Start Down The Path To Becoming New Hunters

Watch These 3 People Start Down the Path to Becoming New Hunters

Mark of Modern Carnivore helped organize a film documenting the journey of three people as they go down the path towards becoming new hunters.

Let's face it: it's really tough to learn how to hunt (particularly as an adult) if you don't have a good mentor. While there are many Americans who would love to hunt, the barriers to entry are simply too high for most people. However, Mark Norquist of Modern Carnivore is doing his best to help recruit new hunters with the "Awaken the Hunter Within" project.

In this series of videos, Norquist teams up with other hunting mentors in Minnesota like Jamie Carlson, Benjamin Pena and Ryan Lisson (of Zero to Hunt) to teach three novices—Becca, Pierce and Alex—the skills necessary to become successful hunters.

Watch the video below to learn more about each of them and why they want to learn how to hunt.

To see the entire film and watch Becca, Pierce and Alex as they grow into new hunters, visit the Modern Carnivore website.

You'll see them learn how to shoot, receive a lesson covering the ins and outs of how to scout for deer and pick out a hunting spot. You'll see them go on a small-game hunt for grouse and squirrel, and then a hunt for deer in the woods of Minnesota. The film ends with them butchering, cooking and eating a deer, and also discussing what they learned along the way and how entering that new world made them feel.

Watching this film and observing the growth and development of Becca, Pierce and Alex as hunters was truly amazing experience. I highly recommend taking the time to check it out for yourself.

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