Late July on the Yellowstone River and We Found Rainbow Trout

As most of my fishing adventures begin, it was in impromptu plan to head down Paradise Valley to the legendary Yellowstone River that started it all.

Andrea contacted me via text about heading to the Yellowstone river, just a little ways south from Livingston. I had no plans and thought it would be a great night for it as the temperatures were sure to plummet below eighty for a change.

At around 6:00 p.m., we found ourselves on the banks of the Yellowstone a few hundred feet down river from Carter's Bridge. The water was almost green as it flowed past us and around the next bend. There were a couple pockets where a decent eddy was forming, so Andrea and I rigged up some worms and coaxed the bait into the slowly swirling current.

We casted for about thirty minutes before Andrea's line got hammered. With in seconds a large rainbow was flapping out of the water towards the shoreline. I quickly dropped my pole and fished out my pliers, giving them to Andrea as she held the fish gently in her hands.

After snapping a quick picture, she extracted the hook and placed the fish right side up in the water pointing into the steady current. I watched it float out into the water and shortly it disappeared from sight. It was the only fish we could land, but it felt good to end on a high note as the sky began to turn a fire red over our heads.