Lasers and Flashlights on Pistols for Home Defense: Do You Need One?

Here are some great tips to consider for lasers and flashlights on pistols in a home defense scenario.

Black Scout Survival discusses the nuances of mounting a laser or combined laser-flashlight on your pistol to protect family and home. Long story short, while a tactical mounted light and laser may be impractical for EDC duty, especially concealed carry, it starts to make a lot of sense when it comes to home defense.

Watch to find out if it's the right decision for you.

In a home invasion or burglary situation, you absolutely want to make sure you positively identify the intruder in low-light conditions. Tragedies have happened because people had not trained with their firearm and did not properly identify the intruder in their home. That's a case of mistaken identity you don't want to experience.

tactical flashlight and laser will help you get on target quickly and accurately, and as highlighted in this video, you may still be groggy from waking up suddenly, so every little edge helps.

If you keep a pistol handy in your home for emergency situations, consider mounting a tactical flashlight or laser combo.