great white

Large Great White Shark Terrifyingly Stalks Fishing Boat for 15 Minutes

A large Great White made passengers fishing off a charter boat very nervous as it circled for nearly fifteen minutes. 

People aboard a fishing charter got a little more than they bargained for after encountering a curious Great White Shark.

The nearly 10-foot long, one ton shark circled the boat for nearly 15 minutes. It made the guests aboard the boat extremely anxious as it made close pass after pass.

Jarrod Quinn, owner of Ocean Grove Fishing Charters, reported that it was the largest shark he had seen in 25 years of fishing the waters off Victoria, Australia.

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Being his first encounter with a great white, Quinn pulled out his camera for a quick shot of the beast.

Although the shark freaked out the patrons, it never tried attacking the boat. Quinn has fished for other shark species, such as mako, who have tried to take a bite out of his motor before.

Eventually the shark swam away leaving the boat be and giving everyone on board a fantastic story to tell.

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