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Anglr Xperience Will Allow You to Pattern Your Fishing Like Never Before


The Anglr Tracker is a great advancement for fisherman, but the Anglr Xperience is going to be revolutionary.

Knowledge of the water you are fishing is one of the biggest keys to a successful trip. While in the past we’ve relied on memory or hand-written journals, that will soon no longer be the case. Thanks to the team at Anglr Labs, you will have exact data to pore through right at your fingertips.

Later this month the Anglr Tracker is set to hit stores nation wide. The amazing device attaches to your fishing pole and auto-records your fishing trips via an app on your phone. This would be good enough for some, they decided to step it up with the Anglr Xperience.

Where the app allows you to see current weather conditions, drop pins, and collect basic data, the web app actually utilizes this data to essentially give you a personal breakdown of your performance and habits.

Upon logging into the Web Xperience, you are immediatly brought to a smooth, easy-to-read dashboard. Here, you can click through various tabs such as Trips, Catches, Tackle, and Environment to look at specifics you Tracker has recorded.


The trips section breaks down your trips as a whole or individually. The data shown here is great for use when planning fishing trips for the most success.


Based on the image above I know I fish Pennsylvania the most from the Top Fished Regions. Out of 168 trips, I caught the most fish July through late August between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Now, if I wanted to get even more specific I could look at individual fishing trips took during those times. You simply look up that trip and click it to read the data. Take this example below from a trip taken at Lake Norman, NC.


The line across the top shows the start/stop times of the trips along with exact times fish were caught. I can now click to add specific things I want see. Options include air temperature, wind speed, barometric pressures, water temps, and so much more. Essentially you can see the exact conditions you need to look for when you were catching the most fish on that particular trip.


You can also select specific catches and view what was going on when it happened.

Over the span of a few trips to the same water you can begin to plan when and where you should be spending you time.


The Catches tab shows you a break down of stats of fish species you target. You can see the total amount of fish caught, casts thrown, and more. It even has an area to show you your average cast to catch ratio.



This section will become your best friend when your not sure what to throw during a trip. This data is pulled from the tackle you select on your Anglr app and is incredible to see a breakdown of.

This area will allow you to see not only what style lure you catch the most fish with, but color and rod combo is the most effective. Check out the example below.


Based on this information you know that your overall best lure is a green crankbait. However if you look at the bottom graph you can see that the green performs better during cooler months, while blue does better in warmer months. That is a handy piece of knowledge to have when unsure of what color to throw.

We haven’t even made it to the last tab and you can already begin to see patterns of how you should fish a specific area.


This is probably the most important section that ties all the other data together. As we all know weather plays the biggest role in how active fish are.


This breaks down all weather data collected on your trips from moon phases to barometric pressures. Pairing this with current weather reports before a trip could give you a great idea on how well you can expect to do. 

Let’s say I am heading to Pennsylvania to bass fish. I now know I should have my best fishing during the summer months using a blue colored crankbait. I also know I should try to plan it around days that are partially cloudy with some wind.

Having that knowledge in your back pocket is huge. Can you imagine what you could learn from a year or two of data? How many more fish you could possibly hook into instead of playing guessing games?

The best part is all of this data is recorded for you, hand free. You just let the tracker and app do what it needs to do and go back to look at it all later.

This is just the beginning for the Anglr Xperience. The team working on this has much more in store for this and their app.

The Anglr Tracker should be available for purchase no later than the beginning of December for $129.99. While the app is free to use with the Tracker the Anglr Xperience will cost $50 a year. However one year is included with the purchase of the Tracker.

Guys, girls, and anglers all over I hope you are ready for the world of fishing to get the tech upgrade it truly needed. This is going to potentially change everything from a weekend trip to helping win more tournaments.

For more information follow Anglr Labs on FaceBook and Instagram or head over to their website.

All photos via Anglr Labs.

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Anglr Xperience Will Allow You to Pattern Your Fishing Like Never Before