Lansky Sharpeners Unveils Two New Products

In need of a new knife sharpener? Lansky Sharpeners has launched two new items that ought to give you an edge.

We all know it's essential to keep a sharp edge on hunting knives, camping knives, multi-tools, and any blade used regularly.

It's the tools used to reach that sharpness that requires consideration, and we've got a heads up from a well-known player in the game.

Lansky Sharpeners claims to be the most recognized name in knife-sharpening systems across the globe. The renowned Lansky Controlled Angle Sharpening System helped put them on the map, and they continue to develop new sharpening technologies and products for hunting, outdoor sports, kitchen cutlery, and of course the workshop.

Among the most recent product launches are the Diamond Pen and the D-Sharp, just announced earlier this month.

Hone Your Knives With the New Additions to the Lansky Sharpening Systems

Ever wanted to carry around your own sharpening stone in your pants pocket?

The D-Sharp follows in the footsteps of the already-famous pocket sharpeners Lansky has rolled out in the past. It includes four sharpening angles (17o, 20o, 25o, and 30o) and a durable metal casing. Plus, there's a loop for attaching to a keychain or paracord, making it easy to bring along no matter where you and your knife are headed.

"We're excited to provide our customers with another abrasive to choose from in our quad-angled pocket sharpener line," said Deanna DiLorenzo, Marketing Manager at Lansky Sharpeners. "With the introduction of the D-Sharp, consumers now have three abrasive options in this popular line: the Quadsharp if they want carbide, the C-Sharp if they prefer an all-ceramic option, and now the diamond D-Sharp."

The D-Sharp's angled pull-through slots are 600-grit, and there's an 800 (a more fine grit) ceramic Benchstone for touchups, fine polishing, and serrations. Best of all, it's entirely compatible with any of the Lansky Controlled-Angle Systems or Turn Boxes.

In a pinch, Lansky says the D-Sharp could completely repair a damaged blade, whether you're in the wilderness or back home. You can work on just about anything, from a kitchen knife to machetes.

The dimensions of the D-Sharp are similar to the other quad-angled pocket sharpeners Lansky makes, coming in at 4.3" x 1.4" x .5". The entire thing weighs only 3.8 ounces and the MSRP is set at $25.99.

The Lansky Diamond Pen is a 3-sided, 600-grit diamond sharpening rod that retracts into the handle for easy storage. It's meant for fast, on-the-go reconditioning of small blades such as pocket knives, plus sharpening serrated blades and fish hooks.

Most notably, the sharpening rod lets you sharpen various sized serrations, making it a quick and easy method for keeping implements in tip-top shape.

Cleaning the Diamond Pen is a cinch; just rinse it with a bit of water and dry it with a clean rag or a soft-bristled nylon brush.

The Diamond Pen is 5 inches when closed, and extends to 8.5 inches when open. It holds an MSRP of $22.99, and should be available on the Lansky website soon.

Make the Most of Your Blades With Lansky Knife Sharpeners

Whether you've got small pocket knives or larger, thicker blades, Lansky will have something to help out. Their Lansky Deluxe and Standard Kits and Sharpening Systems run the gamut of applications.

If these new products are any indication, Lansky isn't slowing their contribution to the sharpening game any time soon.