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Land Rover Discovery Takes on 121-Ton Road Train

The Land Rover has some major muscle to flex. Turns out, this absolute monster of an SUV has the ability to pull a 121-ton road train across the Australian Outback with minimal effort. The Discovery has always had an impressive towing capacity, pulling everything from planes to trains, but this puts its incredible power into perspective. Just check out this amazing video for yourself!

Per Land Rover:

The Land Rover Discovery has demonstrated its market leading towing capability by taking on a 110-tonne (121-ton) 'road train' convoy in the Australian Outback.

The Discovery SUV successfully pulled the 100m long 7 trailer & Tractor road train for 16km at an average speed of 44km/h (27.3mph).

  • Maximum permissible towing weight for Discovery Td6 is 3,500kg (up to 3,720kg in NAS (Si6) specification).
  • Five-seat variant (222g/km for seven seat models)
  • This challenge was conducted under controlled conditions, including closed roads and having towing/engineering specialists supervising throughout.

Sure, this Land Rover stunt looks awesome as hell, but obviously, it's definitely not advisable that you attempt anything like this yourself. Even with the professionals and the controlled environment, things could have gone wrong at any moment, resulting in a wrecked Land Rover and a possibly injured crew. But, hey, everything ended up working out and we got a sweet video out of it.

Just don't take any inspiration from this and try using your Land Rover to pull off seemingly impossible towing feats. Maybe just stick to using it to tow that boat you just bought from your house to the dock. Your Land Rover (and your wallet) will thank you.