bassmaster classic

Lake Fork Guy Tests Out the Waters of the Bassmaster Classic Before it Starts

Lake Fork Guy checks out the waters the pros are hitting this weekend.

The Bassmaster Classic is starting up today on Lake Conroe down in Houston, Texas. But before the big tournament kicks off, Youtuber Lake Fork Guy headed to the lake to check things out.

He's joined by some friends from Anglr Labs for a fun day of fishing.

Well, the catfish and crappie aren't going to help you in the tournament any. But these guys did stumble across a pattern near the end of their day here. One thing is for sure, he was right about the lake giving him a hard time. Looks like it took a while to find a pre-spawn pattern that worked.

Lake Fork Guy admits in the description the fish wouldn't be good enough to help get near the top of the classic leaderboard or the $300,000 first-place prize. But more than likely most of the pros have figured out what they're going to do already in practice ahead of time.

It will be interesting to see what tactics the winning angler uses to cinch victory this Sunday. Make sure to check out all our other coverage of the big tournament this weekend here at Wide Open Spaces!