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Lady Makes Tight Shot to Harvest Mule Deer

When a big mule deer buck appeared, this lady threaded the needle through a tangled web of tree branches to make a great shot!

This lady and her husband were mule deer hunting in Montana when they encountered a really nice buck who seemed really interested in some of the nearby does.

The buck was about 250 yards away and there were a bunch of trees in the way.

While she could see the buck clearly, threading the needle through all of those branches without hitting one looked like a pretty daunting challenge.

The buck also didn't look inclined to hang around for very long, so they had to act quickly if they wanted to make something happen. What the heck do you do in a situation like that?

Watch the video below to how things turned out for her.

I personally would have preferred that she wait until the buck moved a bit further down the slope so he'd no longer be sky-lined and there was a good backstop behind him.

If you listen closely, it sounds like the guide even tells her to wait right before she shoots, in accordance with basic gun safety.

It looks like she got excited and shot a little too soon.

That said, she appeared to make a great shot on that buck with her .300 Ultra Mag and put it down for good. That was a heck of a job threading the bullet through all those tree limbs and hitting the vitals of the deer.

That also looked like a really nice 5x4 mule deer buck. Montana isn't know for producing giant mule deer, but that's certainly one to be proud of. Congratulations!

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