The Best Deer Attractants Bucks Just Can't Resist

Our secret for luring big bucks in the field is in these five products.

Serious hunters seek hunting strategies that leave very little left to chance. We want to know how to attract deer to us. One of the surest ways is by using a deer attractant product. We've all been bombarded with advertisements for the many deer attractants available today, but which actually work?

It is important to note that hunting regulations vary from state to state. Some states consider using deer attractants as baiting deer, a banned practice. Know the rules for where you live and hunt. If you live in a state that permits lures, any option on this list of deer attractants could help you seal the deal.

In the ultra-competitive deer-attractant industry, these five companies have proven their products' value over time by producing irrefutable results for all the hardcore deer hunters out there, whether bowhunting, hunting with a crossbow, a rifle, shotgun, or other weapon.

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With any luck, one of these high-quality deer scent attractants or supplemental deer baits proves to be your local bucks' favorite and they will flock to your treestands or food plots. Used in conjunction with trail cameras and other hunting gear, you'll almost certainly see a difference not only in numbers, but in big-game antler growth and herd health, which all translates to better hunting.

1. Deer Cane Black Magic

Deer Attractants


Black Magic by Evolved Habitat is simply a quality deer attractant. This brand of deer lure is available in liquid deer attractant or in a mineral block form (some call that a salt lick or salt block). This is a premium formulation of deer cane with minerals and flavor attractants that require no mixing and begin instantly attracting deer once employed.

Enhancing your deer hunting area with Evolved Habitat is a good move to entice a deer's sense of smell and taste.

Deer Cane Black Magic - from $8

2.  Apple Burst by Antler King

Deer Attractants


Apple-flavored attractants have been around for years, and countless longtime hunters refuse to try anything else. Sometimes if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Deer love apples so apple-flavored attractants seem to work well. It won't just be the mature bucks loving it, however. There will be fawns, does, and all kinds of deer munching away so throw a block on a well-positioned stump, hang a trail camera, and be prepared to watch as the deer devour it all—stump and all.

A variety of apple-flavored products have been created throughout the years including apple-scented corn, apple-scented liquids, and apple-scented blocks. As a deer supplement, the Apple Burst formula from Antler King has scored high marks.

Antler King Apple Burst - $16


3. Orange Corn Company Realtree Orange Corn Feeder Mix

Orange Corn Company Feeder Mix


Another popular flavor for deer is orange. Mature bucks especially love it. Farmed and produced by the aptly named Orange Corn Company, orange-flavored and scented deer corn has quickly become the go-to solution for attracting big, mature, elusive bucks.

For hunters of all ages looking to harvest that trophy of a lifetime to wildlife photographers seeking that perfect close-up shot, Orange Corn Company is revolutionizing the deer mineral attractant industry with luring products made in the United States.

In this day and age, very few companies can say they produce 100 percent of their product by the time it reaches the hands of their consumer. However, from the seed to the shelf, Orange Corn Company cultivates, grows, and harvests its corn crop on the nutrient-rich grounds of Rio Medina, Texas, where it's sacked, packed, and shipped to your nearest retailer. You can even utilize orange-flavored powder as an addition to basic deer feed.

Orange Corn Company Feeder Mix - $13


4. C'mere Deer

C'Mere Deer Corn Coat Deer Attractant Pre-Measured Pouches

C'mere Deer was established to give serious hunters a sporting chance at harvesting a whitetail deer, America's most popular game animal. The formulation for these unique and effective products was achieved by avid deer hunters in their ongoing quest to find deer attractants that don't rely on estrus-based mixtures or are effective during just one portion of the deer season.

Add a C'mere Deer product to your hunting strategy to up your game this season. Some of the most popular deer attractant products are the XTreme Harvest and the Corn Coat.

C'mere Deer x-Treme Harvest - $13.44


5. Tecomate Food Plot System



Straight from the company's own words, Tecomate's mission is to inform, equip, and assist sportsmen with dreams of owning and managing their own recreational property and a desire to be better stewards of the land and wildlife God entrusted to us. The Tecomate Food Plot System has ushered in a new era in wildlife management, one in which landowners themselves greatly improve their wildlife populations and habitat while increasing their hunting success and outdoor enjoyment.

The concept is simple. By planting the right plants in the right way, food plots can provide a food source for bigger bucks, attract and hold deer in a specific area, and relieve pressure on the native habitat so that it actually improves. And, it does so for the benefit of all wildlife species!

Tecomate Max Attract - $51

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