Ladder Stand Buddy Answers the Call for a Safe, Smart Treestand System

The newest piece of equipment from Tree Stand Buddy is making it easier and safer to use a treestand.

Tree Stand Buddy is staking its claim as the number one tool designed for safe installation of a hang-on portable treestand. After acquiring Skyline Safety System, the enhanced collaboration developed into the full and official release of the Ladder Stand Buddy earlier this year.

If the early buzz is a sign, there's going to be good reason for a lot of these to be used in the woods from here on out.

Here's a quick look at the unique "jaw system" that the Ladder Stand Buddy uses when it was given the spotlight at the 2019 ATA Show.

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The way the system works is really intuitive and poised to help any generation of hunters, especially the aging ones, feel more secure and safe installing and using treestands. Accidents can happen, as the further into our lives as sportsmen we get, the more important it becomes to watch out for ourselves.

All we ask for is some easy ways to make things safer and more efficient, and the Ladder Stand Buddy answered the request.

You can check out more on the Tree Stand Buddy and the new Ladder Stand Buddy by checking out their website here.