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Watch Teal the Labrador Splash Around at Her Adorable Solo Pool Party

This Labrador retriever's solo pool party of one looks like more fun than my entire summer.

Summer days bring heat that calls for one solution: pool parties. Most of us are doing everything we can to milk what remains of it for everything it's worth, whether that be flagging down the ice cream man or finding a shady spot to cool down. Long-haired and dark-colored dogs are doing their best to keep it cool when the warm sun comes beating down, searching for the coolest spot possible. On the other hand, water-loving pups are also searching for the best way to cool off and have a good time all at once. In true Labrador fashion, one adorable black Lab goes all-in on the summer fun in her very own pool. Teal the black Lab is one among the many who know exactly how to make the most of the "dog days of summer." True to her breed, this adorable pup loves water. There is no need for others to join in. Teal is just fine having a labrador solo pool party. She splashes and plays while her owners look on. She's fiercely determined to enjoy every last drop of summer fun from the comfort of her personal backyard pool — Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to stop this happy girl from thoroughly enjoying her afternoon. There will be no FOMO from this pup- but after watching how much fun she is having, you may feel like you're missing out on the secret to summer fun.

Labrador's Solo Pool Party

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As her owner watches from afar, Teal is flopping around in her little pool and enjoying every single second. You can hear her owners laughing at her fun in the background in the audio. As they talk, one asks, "Is she trying to dig the water?" The other man replies,  "No, I tossed a rock in there" Her joy at getting cool and searching for her rock is infectious. If she keeps it up, she might actually make summer last forever. It's worth a shot, isn't it? So we say, go for it, Teal! We could all use a little extra sunshine.

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This article was originally published August 11, 2017.

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