black bear
Dwight Lethbridge

Labrador Man Films Rare Encounter with Black Bear Mom and Four Cubs

Seeing a black bear with cubs isn't all that unusual. But one with four little ones certainly is.

The typical litter size for a black bear is 2 or 3. So generally, if you spot a black bear mama in the wild, she will have twins or triplets by her side. Seeing one with four youngsters is quite rare, which makes this video from Labrador all the more incredible.

Dwight Lethbridge, who happens to be the mayor of Cartwright, Labrador, was out on his snowmobile May 5 while dropping off supplies at his fish lodge. To his dismay, he spotted a mother black bear and four tiny cubs out on the ice.

"First time I ever seen four was this brood. I've seen three a couple times in my life, and I often see one or two, but first time for four—and a great time to have a camera," Lethbridge told CBC. "They were up under an ice pan hauling back seaweed and kelp looking for food. Mussels and clams and whatnot."

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As you'll see in this wonderful footage, one tiny bear cub made a bee-line over to Lethbridge, ending up only six or so feet from his snowmobile.

Pretty adorable watching that little cub bounding through the snow, wasn't it? Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What's the most cubs you've seen with a sow at one time? We'd love to hear your stories.

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