Kai the Labradoodle Gets the "Zoomies" in His New Pool

Watch as a labradoodle puppy lives out every water-lovin' dog's dream in his very own kiddie pool!

Man's best friend has some pretty strong reactions to all bodies of water, whether it's a bath, lake, or pool. While not all interactions with water are positive for pups (i.e. huskies who hate bath time!), they usually make for the best trending videos. Labs are known for being great swimmers, especially since they were originally bred for diving into deep water. While modern pools aren't quite like the deeper water lab's predecessors, the St. John's Water Dog swam in, a dog pool can be just as fun for both pet parents and puppies.

One of the best reactions to water is a lab puppy checking out his new pool. Nothing gets people amped up for warm weather like a puppy playing in a swimming pool. A video posted on TikTok by Labrador retriever/doodle mix owner @Abialewis certainly fits the bill. She perfectly documents her Labradoodle's reaction the first time he gets to check out his new favorite toy. As he steps into the water, you can tell this Labradoodle is excited to get his own pool.

Labradoodle Gets the Zoomies in His New Pool


this was last year can?t wait till it gets warmer to see if he?ll be the same #lab #labradoodle #BigComfy #ImoniCarly

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Kai the Labradoodle hops into the pool to check out his new backyard accessory as his dog mom turns the water on. Kai chomps at the water while jumping in and out of the plastic pool. After taking a few gulps of his pool water, he decides to give his water bowl a taste. (Hey, who knows?! It may taste different when it's not in a dog bowl) The excited Labradoodle then proceeds to get the zoomies, and starts flying around the yard as fast as he can. Of course, he has to stop for a bite of grass along the way before resuming his victory lap. We're pretty sure this was the best day of this dog's life!

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