Hunter wearing the KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT Hoodie
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KUIU Launches 4 New Merino Pieces, Their "Toughest and Lightest" Wool Line Ever

If you want to be efficient in the outdoors, you need the right gear. KUIU is self-described as obsessed with engineering the world's most innovative performance hunting gear. From what I have seen and nearly all accounts, that's just what they do. The brand has top notch gear for every nearly kind of hunting experience you could find yourself in, and they also put a lot of resources giving back to conservation efforts, as well as real, on-the-ground work towards the betterment of our public lands and the wildlife that call them home. That's a win-win.

Thanks to KUIU's partnership with Nuyarn, they are able to make exceptionally strong merino gear that's built to perform at every level, leading to KUIU's Ultra Merino 120 LT debut. Nuyarn was developed as a way to improve merino's natural traits by wrapping wool fibers around a high-strength nylon core. It also adds to its stretching ability and makes it more comfortable overall. The "120" refers to the material weighing 120 grams per square meter. That's incredibly light!

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KUIU's Ultra Merino 120 LT surpasses the industry standard merino, and still retains the natural odor resistance and itch-free feel that has drawn so many outdoorsmen and women to wool in the first place. This is the kind of gear you want for great standalone apparel during the heat of early season, and superior base layer capabilities when things cool down. Though a traditionalist would normally consider wool clothing for a cold November or December hunt, KUIU's Ultra Merino 120 LT material proves the range of a well-constructed shirt or pants with faster dry times, more stretch, tougher seams, added loft, and improved thermoregulation. It has a 50+ UPF rating too, so the sun's rays will do less damage over the course of its life.

Their merino products also maintain low-reflectivity; it's not going to be super shiny in the eyes of a game animal, a feature that some camo companies overlook. The camo patterns they've developed are also top tier, helping the brand become increasingly popular all over the country. They have also made sure that the garments retain their color throughout its lifetime, and can handle the abuse that both hunters and washing machines may put on it.

The New KUIU ULTRA Merino 120 LT Lineup

KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T

The first piece to highlight is a basic short sleeve crew tee shirt, the KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT SS Crew-T. At first glance you may not be all that impressed by a tee shirt, but a shirt made from KUIU's Ultra Merino 120 LT material can easily become the backbone of your early season attire. Plus, merino wool has natural odor resistance, so when it wicks the sweat off of you, that can really help keep your scent under control.

KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT LS Crew-T

For even more protection, you can get their long sleeve version of the crew neck, the KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT LS Crew-T. This can work as a base layer for colder hunts, or serve its role on its own. Even the shoulder seams are optimized for more pack strap comfort.

KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT LS Hoodie

For those who want a little more than a basic crew neck, the KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT LS Hoodie is available. Like the others in the line, it has flat lock seams and is thin and breathable.

KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT Zip-Off Bottoms

Besides the added zipper functionality, which I think is exceptionally cool, the KUIU Ultra Merino 120 LT Zip-Off Bottoms are the perfect pair of thermals for cold weather hunting. The moisture wicking, temp regulating comfort that the merino wool provides is unmatched, and KUIU added a crotch gusset to help address chaffing. If you've ever spent days hunting through the vast backcountry, you know how valuable that can be. Plus, the low profile waist uses a quiet hook and loop closure system, and it's got a true functional fly. Can't ask for much more in a leg laying option.

You can find out more about the new ULTRA Merino 120 LT line, as well as the rest of KUIU's offerings, at