KUIU Fairbanks Jacket

KUIU Fairbanks Jacket: Exceptional Everyday Wear From the Hunting Apparel Brand

Check out one of KUIU's new products, the Fairbanks Jacket, and see the technical features in this everyday piece of apparel.

The brand new KUIU Fairbanks Jacket represents another big step in the innovative collection of apparel coming out of the direct-to-consumer hunting gear brand.

The Fairbanks Jacket is more of an "everyday wear" piece of apparel, rather than distinctly for hunting, but as cooler temperatures arrive and high quality gear takes precedent, it's the sort of thing that fits just about any occasion.

I was lucky enough to get a hold of the Olive jacket to try out, and now that temperatures are dropping in my neck of the woods, it's become the first thing I grab from the closet. It only comes in solid colors (Steel Blue and Black along with Olive) and isn't offered in any of the KUIU camo patterns, but there's still good reason to believe it could serve someone well during a hunt, especially while glassing or sitting in a blind.

What I've found is that it's a really good option for camping, as the versatility caters to someone who's exposed to the elements but wants to stay comfortable. It's an ideal base camp jacket, to be sure. The breathability allows you to wear it through a cold morning and into a warmer afternoon.

KUIU Fairbanks Jacket Features


Probably the most noteworthy feature of the Fairbanks Jacket is the 3M Thinsulate Water Resistant Insulation, which uses siliconized synthetic fibers to keep things warm and dry without weighing you down. It has 80 grams of insulation in the body, and 60 grams in the sleeves.

This jacket is ultralight at just 19.8 ounces, and wearing it is not much different from the feel of a basic t-shirt. But it still has some heavy duty construction and materials to maintain its strength and resistance to snags or tears. The internal heathered stripe quick dry fabric is super comfortable, and the outer layer is a blend of nylon and spandex with a DWR finish for more water resistance.

It isn't considered hardcore rain gear by any means, but it has held up to some light rain nicely since I started wearing it out and about.

The torso length and sleeve lengths are ideal for me. At 6'1" and 175, I sometimes struggle finding stuff that fits my frame. I didn't run into any of those issues with the Fairbanks Jacket.

There's an interior zippered pocket, plus two large open drop pockets ideal for sticking your hands inside to warm them up. It's got a weather-resistant CF full-zip front and a button-closed left chest pocket.


The sleeve cuffs have a unique button closure system, what KUIU calls coin snaps, that helps keep cold air and moisture from seeping up your arms.

Overall, this is the kind of jacket sportsmen, as well as anyone who spends a lot of time outside, is looking for. It's lightweight, extremely comfortable, and will keep you warm and dry like a good jacket is supposed to.

The Fairbanks Jacket costs $179, and it's protected by KUIU's lifetime warranty that covers all their gear. You can find out more and order your own at KUIU.com.