Mepps lure

Know What Mepps Lure to Use for Trout in Any Water Condition

With a product catalogue featuring more than 5,000 lures, Mepps has a lure for a variety of species and conditions. Here's how to select the right Mepps lure to catch trout in any water condition.


The majority of my trout fishing takes place in streams and creeks. Because of the small nature of the fish, I use small lures. The way Mepps sizes their lures is as follows:

  • #00 - 1/18 oz.
  • #0 - 1/12 oz.
  • #1 - 1/10 oz.
  • #2 - 1/6 oz.

The #00 is considered ultra light, and I use it when the trout are skittish or highly pressured. #0 and #1 lures are standard trout-sized spinners. I will use a #1 when I need to cast a bit further to reach my desired pool. The #2 Mepps lure is used when I am fishing for larger trout. The smaller lures still can catch big trout. I have routinely reeled in trout over two and a half pounds while using a #0.

Dressed or Plain

Mepps lure

Mepps Aglia Dressed #1 with a silver blade

Most Mepps lures will have a dressed or plain option. The dressed option will include a hand tied tail or streamer made from squirrel hair. This gives the lure a larger profile, geared for larger fish. The plain option is the same lure, minus the tail. I prefer the plain option for quantity of trout, dressed option for quality.

 Blade Colors

Selecting the color of the blade also plays a role in catching more trout. Mepps offers three main options:

  • Silver - for bright, sunny days
  • Gold - for overcast days
  • Copper - stained, muddy water

There are several additional colors available, black, red, brown trout, and rainbow trout to name a few. The brighter the color, the more effective it is in murky water. I find the trout patterns work well when larger trout are aggressively feeding.

Mepps lure

Mepps Aglia Plain #0 with a brown trout blade

My Top Five Mepps Lures

1. Aglia

This is the original Mepps French spinner. If I could only fish with one lure for the rest of my life, it would be a plain Aglia, #1 with a gold blade.

Mepps lure

Mepps Aglia Plain, #1 with a gold blade

2. XD

The Mepps XD has the shaft of the lure running through the blade. This allows the blade to spin freely with any retrieval speed. The XD is great for deep pools and fast moving water.

3. Thunder Bug

Match the hatch, right? Mepps Thunder Bug has a wing shaped blade and thorax style body to mimic a trout's natural forage. The lure comes in a variety of colors to better impersonate a natural insect.

Mepps Lure

Mepps Thunder Bug #00 Dressed Silverfish

4. Ultra Lite

The Ultra Lite boasts the same features of an Aglia, in a smaller, 1/18 oz. version. This Mepps lure is perfect for skittish, over-pressured trout.

5. Aglia Brite

This lure features a tear-shaped body, brightly painted in fish attracting colors. I prefer a red finish, as it simulates a wounded bait fish.

You can not go wrong when trout fishing with a Mepps lure. If you can effectively read the water conditions, Mepps has a lure for you. At any given time, I may have 20 Mepps lures in my vest. They give me the peace of mind that I will be able to catch trout, no matter what conditions I encounter.