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Need Help Fly Fishing Dry Droppers? Here You Go

dry droppers

Dry droppers are the way to go when trout are actively rising and looking to eat. 

It’s rare these days, when I’m out on the water when the trout are rising, that I’m not using different combinations of dry droppers. This technique is incredibly effective because not only are you fishing a dry, but you are also fishing the pattern of the fly as it is emerging. This gives you double the chances of catching a fish that is looking up, ready to eat.

The Orvis Company always puts out great little clips like this that perfectly break down a pattern or technique that anybody can understand. This type of knowledge is what some fishermen spends years trying to unlock only to see it’s provided right here in a three minute clip.

As you just saw, match whatever is hatching to your dry fly. Next, tie off that same bug in the emerger pattern below. In the current stream conditions, the trout are actively feeding on both patterns choosing equally between the two by whatever presents itself. You are only setting yourself up for better success.

It’s the little things like this that make a fishing trip something to talk about.


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Need Help Fly Fishing Dry Droppers? Here You Go