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German Shepherd Just Wants to Sleep, But This Kitten Has Other Plans

While German shepherds love to play and run, they also really love their naps. They probably think of these snooze breaks as a reward for productive activity. And, like all good rewards, naps are cherished. Most of us don't like our naps being interrupted, and pups are no different. Take it from Arya, a German shepherd who settled in to rest before realizing one of the other pets in her household had a different activity in mind. An adorable video posted to Arya's instagram account, @arya_shattenwolf, shows a cheeky little kitten trying to get Arya to abandon her nap for playtime.


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Arya is busy snoozing when one of her kitten siblings sneaks up and swats her ear. Arya patiently shrugs her off, but the persistent little kitten snuggles up to Arya's shoulder and places her paws on the sleeping dog. Again, Arya pushes her away with her nose, but the kitten still doesn't quite get the hint. She continues to play with the dogs ears and muzzle. Finally, Ayra sits up a little to address the furry nuisance—but the kitten doesn't really care. She hops back a little, but continues to mess with the poor dog's ears before moving on to her paws. The level of patience Arya displays with this kitten is amazing! She calmly goes back to sleep after every mini attack. In true baby fashion, the kitten never gets the hint.

Did poor Arya ever get to sleep in peace?! Justice for this good girl's nap schedule!

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