Kendall Jones & Jase Robertson

Kendall Jones and Jase Robertson Interviewed on The Outdoor Experience TV

On Monday, November 27th, Kendall Jones and Jase Robertson from A&E's hit series Duck Dynasty will be interviewed on The Outdoor Experience TV.

The Outdoor Experience TV is an outdoor-based talk show that airs on Hunt Channel. Guest including Michael Waddell, Jana Waller, Reed Robertson, Ron Schara, Nick Mundt, Billy Daw, and Jeff Danker have been interviewed on the TV show. I host and produce the TV show while also hosting a radio show.

The show premiered on Monday, May 22nd on Hunt Channel. In June, I signed a contract to have reruns of the show air on Gen7 Outdoors which began re-airing Oct. 3rd.

On November 27th (Monday at 1000 p.m. Eastern) we will have Kendall Jones and Jase Robertson interviewed on the show.

We will talk to Kendall about her love for the outdoors and where it came from. We'll also find out about her upcoming hunts this season, and how she tolerates those that oppose her right to hunt.

As for Jase, we talk be talking with him about all things outdoors and his experiences on "Duck Dynasty." We will ask him questions about growing up in the Robertson household and making duck calls alongside his father and brothers.

And I'll try to ask him about the recent event of shaving his beard off for an awesome cause.

It is going to be a great show and you are not going to want to miss it!

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