Discovery Basecamp 6
Craig Raleigh

Kelty Discovery Basecamp 6 Tent Can Make Your Camping Trip Easier

Tents are getting more straightforward to use, and when we add one to our camping gear collection it can go one of two ways. In one case it's super easy to set up and take down, and plenty enjoyable to use in between. Or, it can be difficult to construct and a drag to use, due to subpar characteristics. In our opinion, Discovery Basecamp 6 from Kelty provides a great example of the first case scenario, and we've got some thoughts to back it up.

Whether camping with kids or grown-ups, you want to know that setting up, using your tent, and packing it up is the least of your worries at the campground. After spending some time using the Discovery Basecamp 6, it quickly became one of our favorites.

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Kelty Discovery Basecamp 6 Person Tent Features


As the name states, the Discovery Basecamp 6 tent is made to fit six campers comfortably, which truly means it's perfect for a family of four and extra spacious for two adults. I haven't filled it with the advertised six campers quite yet, but the interior tent space did provide me and my companion some added comfort, and we were able to bring some extra items with us and store them in the tent. It's described as an ideal car camping tent, and it's no wonder.

With a 119-inch by 106-inch floor area (87.6 square feet total) and a peak height of over five and a half feet, this tent opens up nicely for you and your gear. I fit a queen-size inflatable mattress (80 inches by 60 inches) and had room to walk around each side of it with a good amount of space at the foot of the bed.

It comes with all of the day's notable features, including lightweight fiberglass poles, convenient interior storage pockets, no-see-um mesh for privacy, and a 68-denier polyester fabric. The Basecamp 6 also features improved quick-corner exterior pockets for a quick and easy setup. The tent poles literally stand up on their own, held up by the tent material. That feature alone deserves a lot of credit.

Most 3-season tents of this size have only one door, but the Discovery Basecamp 6 features a double zipper with a mesh screen and low clearance for in and out simplicity. Many tents these days feature all-mesh walls and require a rainfly for privacy, but not this one.

Using the Kelty Discovery Basecamp 6 Tent

My first attempt at setting up the Discovery Basecamp 6 took a little more than a half an hour, but repetition and another person's hands easily cut that time in half. It can still be a one-person job, as it's a very intuitive tent to build. Getting the rainfly attached is a breeze, especially with the built-in snaps. There's plenty of room for adjustment in the rainfly and the pre-attached guy lines. The included adaptive cords make the tent nice and tight for a straight-standing and fairly wrinkle-less tent. I even left it up for several days in some decent winds, and it didn't budge.

One of the few issues that I had was up inside of the rainfly "brow," where the brow pole needs to be velcro attached to the overhang. It was a little tricky to attach at first, but seems to get easier each time I try.

We spent a few nights in a field not far from my house, so weren't exactly primitive camping, but the weather was beautiful and it made for a great test drive. Sure, there were bugs (what's camping without mosquitos?), but we noticed that with care, the bugs didn't get past the zippered door. There's a ton of airflow in this tent, and you will have plenty of space for storage or people, whichever you choose to camp with, since you will see that just walking inside the Basecamp 6 makes you feel like there is room to roam.

A Tent That's Easy to Use and Easy to Enjoy

Discovery Basecamp 6 Tent - Kelty, $169.95

With the value you get for the price, the Discovery Basecamp 6 Tent (and its Basecamp 4 counterpart at $109.95) instantly ranks high among our new favorites. It's so easy to store when not in use, and the packable poles slide right back into the shark mouth duffel bag with ease.

Kelty offers everything you could want for a camping excursion and more with their full lineup of gear. They offer hiking and tactical gear, and even sell multiple CBD-based products, including aftersun lotion, antibacterial spray, and itch relief spray, to name a few. It's an interesting company doing really good things in the outdoor gear space, and the Discovery Basecamp 6 Tent backs that up.

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