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YouTube: Keith Warren Hunting

Keith Warren Smokes a Big Buck at 55 Yards Using a Glock 20

Can a Glock really bring down a big buck?

When most people think of Glock, they probably think of a self-defense firearm and not something that anyone would seriously use for a hunting scenario. After all, these polymer handguns are tailor-made for home and personal defense. That's why most people own one.

Glock does make a few larger caliber guns like the G20, which is chambered in 10mm Auto. This is a large and heavy round fully capable of taking down a bear in a self-defense scenario.

Knowing that, it should be able to take down a full-grown whitetail deer right? Well, in case you ever wondered, Keith Warren tried it. In this video he absolutely smokes a nice Texas whitetail at 55 yards using the Glock 20.

There you have it, the Glock 20 is more than capable for hunting whitetail deer in the right hands. That buck went down immediately. Most people might not consider this gun for hunting since it only has a 4.61-inch barrel. Most people buy a Glock with much closer ranges for self-defense in mind.

The 10mm Auto is no slouch of a round. Depending on bullet size, you can get 1,200 to 1,400 feet per second speeds out of these rounds delivering over 700-foot pounds of energy to the target, more than enough to put down a full-grown whitetail like this.

Obviously, it takes a lot of time on the range to build up your skill set to feel confident enough to make a shot like this one. As Keith showed at the end of the video, he has spent a lot of time practicing in order to become this proficient with the firearm. The addition of what appears to be a red dot optic probably helps too. This would be a hard shot with the Glock's stock sights.

Great shot Keith, and thanks for showing us what is possible with a Glock handgun.

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