Keith Warren Goes Off on Recent Gun Control Talk and Doesn't Hold Back

Keith Warren tears into what he thinks is wrong with our country with his Facebook live video titled "Wake up stupid people."

Times are getting tough and divisive in our great country. As the days go on, more and more disparity seems to present itself.

Respected people within the industry have taken stances against semi-automatic rifles, and big-box distributors have halted the sale of AR-15s and possibly other firearms.

Those of us in the 2nd Amendment corner need support, so Keith Warren took it upon himself to make his stance clear. Whether you agree or not, Warren did not hold back! The video is a bit lengthy, but he certainly gets his point across, and for the most part, I couldn't agree more.

I respect Keith for taking a stance, and not worrying about what his partners or followers might think.

The problem with the gun control controversy is a large group of those in favor of more gun control are uneducated on the subject. The worst thing we can do is fold and let these rights slip without trying to inform others on the matter.

What are your thoughts on Keith's video and what do you think needs to happen next?