Watch Keith Warren Flatten An Alberta Black Bear With A Boar Buster Bullet

Keith Warren Flattens an Alberta Black Bear with a Boar Buster Bullet

Though they're marketed for use on hogs, Keith Warren shows that Boar Buster bullets will also work really well on Alberta black bear.

If you're wondering if the Freedom Munitions Boar Buster ammo will work on a big black bear, then you've come to the right place. Keith Warren was wondering the same thing, so he decided to test out some 168gr .308 Boar Buster ammo on a hunt with his friend Jansen from Freedom Munitions on an Alberta black bear hunt.

Watch the video to see how that Boar Buster ammo did on their bear hunt:

As you can see, Boar Buster ammo is not just limited to use on hogs and does quite the job on Alberta black bear (and probably any other black bear for that matter too). That really shouldn't be too surprising, though, as the deep penetrating, controlled expansion characteristics that make those 168gr .308 Boar Buster bullets such great choices for hunting hogs are also exactly what you need when hunting big bodied black bears.

On another note, did that look like a fun hunt or what? They must have seen dozens of bruins between them and ended up taking some really nice bears. Big chocolate-colored phase bears like that are few and far between.

Nice work guys!

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