Pistol Crossbow Hog
YouTube:Keith Warren Hunting

Keith Warren Bags Two Hogs with a Tiny Crossbow Pistol

Can this tiny crossbow really take down a feral hog?

Feral hogs are a huge problem animal here in the United States. As a result, there are basically no rules on the legal methods of harvest for them. This has led to many hunters experimenting with new types of weaponry to take them down. We have seen Keith Warren harvest feral pigs in some unique ways in the past, but this is a new one.

In this video, Keith is using the Sen-X AR-6 tactical repeating crossbow pistol. Yes, this product is a real thing. This crossbow has a draw weight of about 80 pounds and fires six-inch bolts around 220 feet per second.

The only question is, can this crossbow fire fast enough to down a feral hog with a specialty hunting bolt? Well, Keith decides to find out and ends up harvesting not one, but two hogs on camera with this thing!

Had we not been able to see the video, we might not have believed this one. We have seen this little three-pound crossbow for sale before. However, we always thought it looks more like a toy someone would use in the backyard for plinking than something someone could use seriously for big game hunting. Yet, as you just saw, those tiny bolts did a number on both hogs.

Obviously, this was not a clean pass-through, but that is to be expected with a bolt this small and light. The bolts vary between 103 and 157 grains according to the company's website. The manufacturer probably meant for these to be used on small game like squirrels and rabbits. The fact they were able to penetrate a hog's thick hide and drop them within 60 yards is quite impressive. Shot placement was key on this hunt. Both hogs were extremely close, making this hunt possible.

This crossbow is not something we would try with a deer or other big game animal, but for a pest like the hog? Why not? It offers a bold new challenge if nothing else. Good shooting Keith!

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