YouTube: Mr. Markus

Kayak Angler Battles Back Against Attacking Hammerhead Using Only His Paddle


These hammerheads would not leave this angler alone!

Kayak fishing is one of the more rewarding ways to fish. It gives anglers the chance to get some exercise and offers a bit more of a challenge when targeting larger game fish species. It also puts you closer to nature as there is not much plastic between you and the lake or open ocean.

Sometimes that may not necessarily be a good thing, as this angler found out. YouTuber Mr. Markus was out fishing for halibut out of his kayak when something unexpectedly bumps his kayak. It turns out to be a hammerhead shark.

This isn't an ordinary encounter with a shark. This hammerhead means business and keeps coming back in to attack. The entire ordeal was captured by the fisherman's camera. Watch as he is forced to use his paddle to keep the ocean predator at bay.


There are some things you never want to experience on the open ocean and this is one of them! This is an unusual occurrence. Most shark encounters with humans, especially humans in watercraft, are a simple bump and go. The shark is curious about the boat and goes away once they realize it is not food.

In this case, the shark kept circling and making repeated runs on the kayak. It's not a very large shark, but the behavior is enough to make anybody nervous when you're piloting such a small craft. Even the angler's attempts to scare it away with the paddle seem for naught.

At the end of the video, he notes the shark was still not far from shore. Even after it quit attacking, it still shadowed him all the way back to the beach. In the video's description, he writes that he did not want to hurt the shark, however the fish's aggressive response gave him no choice but to be aggressive right back.

Fortunately, things seem to have worked out well for both shark and angler. Both survived the encounter, perhaps with a little more respect and understanding for one another. And the world gets to enjoy the footage of a most unusual encounter.


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