Kansas Buck
YouTube: Chris Bee

Hunter Bags 14-Point Buck of Lifetime on Kansas Public Land on Day One with Minimal Scouting

This is the hunt of dreams.

Kansas is an undisputed land of the giants when it comes to whitetail deer. Many hunters travel from far and wide to the Sunflower State every year in hopes of punching their tag on a true monster. While many will probably see more and bigger bucks than they ever have in their home states, only a handful will probably shoot what could be considered the deer of a lifetime.

YouTuber Chris Bee just happens to be one of those hunters. In 2020, he travelled all the way to Kansas to hunt public land in hopes of finding one of those mythical giant Kansas bucks.

However, he probably did not expect everything to come together on day one of the trip! After minimal scouting, he picks a tree that looks promising only to have the deer of a lifetime come strolling in for a 21-yard shot. This is the type of hunt most of us can only dream of having.

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Honestly, we probably would not have held it together as well as Chris did hear. Did you notice his breathing getting audibly louder as that big boy closed the gap to his tree? He did an excellent job and staying cool and collected to make a perfect shot on that buck. It was strange how he just stood there for an extended period before finally going down. It appears Chris may have double lunged this buck.

Of course, this was a tough old deer. That was obvious by the puncture wounds and the eye that was oozing pus from a fight with another deer.

Still, it's wild to think that he basically just picked a spot on a map, went there, set up, and then shoot a world class buck that same day. It just goes to show you don't need a lot of private acreage, nor a guide to take a big buck. Some good scouting, a well-placed stand, and a little November magic goes a long way. Congrats on the awesome buck Chris!

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