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Kangaroo Clotheslines Biker Off Her Bike

visit Australia

This isn't something you see everyday. 

There are many reasons to visit Australia. Just the fact alone that there's another Crocodile Dundee movie on the horizon is good enough for me. However, the landscapes, people, food, culture and a litany of other tourist-like opportunities is what most people tend to go for. If you're one of those touristy types planning to visit Australia yourself, don't ride a bike. Apparently, kangaroos hate that.

Just check out this video and see for yourself. A hapless biker is just out enjoying some road when a kangaroo flies out of nowhere and knocks her to the ground. Incredibly, this kamikaze kangaroo still somehow lands on its feet.

So yeah, there's that. Out of all the things that can kill you in Australia, you wouldn't think kangaroos would be high on the list. But if you plan to visit Australia, just keep an eye out. They can just come out of nowhere.

Also, just so you know, based on the comments from the video, both the biker and kangaroo made it out of the incident no worse for the wear. Hopefully that kangaroo stays off the road from now on!



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Kangaroo Clotheslines Biker Off Her Bike