Moments After Fall, Quick-Thinking Jockey Runs to Help Fellow Rider

One quick-thinking jockey found himself out of the race, but in an unusual position to help another rider who desperately needed assistance. 

Jockeys have to make split-second decisions almost constantly during each race, but one particularly quick-thinking jockey found himself in the position to save another rider's life. During a steeplechase, both jockeys were involved in a fall. Jockey Danny Cook found himself hung up with one leg still in the stirrup of his horse, and for a moment, things looked like they were going to end very badly.

But Ross Turner had fallen just ahead of him, and this quick-thinking jockey wasn't about to let his fellow rider be harmed.

You have to see what happens.

Somehow, even though Turner had just suffered a substantial fall from his own horse, he recovered quickly enough to not only get back on his feet, but to also realize what was happening to Cook, and what a precarious position Cook was in. Turner ran to Cook's horse, got ahold of the bridle, and managed to keep the horse from moving while also helping Cook.

No rider ever wants to find themselves hung up in a stirrup after a fall. Many horses panic at the unusual occurrence, and they can drag riders as they try to flee. Getting hung up can lead to broken bones, a very painful drag through the dirt, and potentially death if the rider can't break free of the stirrup soon enough. Even more alarming is the fact that there's very little a rider can do from the position to stop the horse or get themselves free from the iron.

Cook was certainly lucky that Turner had the presence of mind to realize what was going on and to get to the horse so quickly. What an impressive feat of great horsemanship!

Have you ever gotten hung up in a stirrup? What happened? Tell us in the comments below. 

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