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Jumping Bobcat Makes Incredible Leap Look Like a Walk in the Park

This bobcat made a jump that has to be seen to be believed, but it didn't stop there.

Louisiana is usually known for its duck hunting and blue crab fishing, but this time around it was one spring-heeled bobcat that made the news.

In a video that is worthy of the American Ninja series, this wild cat did the unthinkable and attempted a jump across a span that just doesn't look possible.

Since bobcats are known to be one of the most agile animals there are, seeing this may not come as a surprise to some. For the rest of us, this is an education in the leaping ability of our favorite wild cat and a lesson in humility for those of us who think we are still nimble!


You may have heard that bobcats are unwilling to go in the water (what cat isn't?), but these wild feline hunters will do so when they are on the hunt. This cat was apparently just traveling and only wanted to get to the other side. The thing is, it didn't just land, it kept leaping from post to post like an Olympic gymnast!

According to the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries website, bobcat season is now open year-round as an experimental season, with a bag limit of one bobcat per calendar year.

These usually nocturnal animals can sometimes be seen during the day, but they generally travel and hunt at night. Bobcats are found throughout the U.S. and lower Canada, even down into Mexico, but not many are seen taking a leap like this!

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