anglers catch bobcat
Facebook: Bob Hereford

Montana Anglers Find Bobcat Thrashing in Lake, Release It on Shore

There's nothing like pulling a surprise out of the water.

On Oct. 6, 2019, group of Montana anglers were fishing for catfish on Flathead Lake when they heard a "thrashing sound" coming from the water.

Brett Hereford, his father, Bob, and his mother would soon find out it was no fish splashing around down there, but rather a bobcat.

Naturally, they had to pull it up with a fishing net to get a closer look.

Watch the video below:

According to the Facebook post, the group "very carefully" netted the predator and put it in the boat. They would then take it to shore, where they'd safely release it back into the wild.

While these fishermen were making the most of a cool moment with such a unique animal, they were also doing it a huge favor by bringing it aboard and taking it back to dry land.

Animals often swim out into open water without realizing how far they've gone, only to find themselves desperately trying to swim back, and often dying in the process.

Perhaps because it was a young kitten, it actually let the boaters pet it, which helped it warm up after swimming aimlessly in the water. And, although the cat was "not happy" in the net, it's safe to say it was happy when it got back to land.

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen out on the water during a fishing trip? Would you be brave enough to scoop up a bobcat? Let us know!