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Fishermen Shamefully Drag Shark Behind Boat at Full Throttle

This is one of the most disgusting videos you'll ever watch.

Many people wrongly call themselves anglers or hunters, blatantly showing complete disregard for ethics and the law. These people choose to harass fish and game for no apparent reason.

The following video shows a trio of idiots dragging a shark by its tail while running full throttle through rough water.

The video was reportedly filmed in Florida and is now going viral. Judging from the comments we're reading, most folks believe these guys need the book thrown at them.

Here's the 11-second clip people are furious over:

The folks at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, according to posted comments, are aware of this video, as well as the identity of those involved. We will update this story as further details emerge.

Stuff like this gives ethical anglers and hunters a bad name, and certainly fuels the fire for the antis. Thanks, morons.

A huge thank-you to The Last Shark Hunter and Sportfish Art for drawing our attention to this despicable behavior.

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