Judging By This Video, This Lil' Boy is Destined to Be a Bull Rider

By the way he handled this steer, he will be a bull rider in no time!

As this video starts, you know things are going to get pretty wild once the boy reaches that steer. I don't know what training to become a bull rider looks like, but I bet it is pretty similar to this!

Watch the video below to see a home video that will go down in the record books!

I love how the kid is completely fearless as he is walking up to that cow. While growing up in the country, I tried sneaking up on my neighbors' cows plenty of times; it isn't as easy as you think.

You can hear the family freak out when the cow jumps up with the kid still hanging on to its back, but I really wish they would have kept filming.

If I ever meet that lil kid, I'm giving him a high-five, no doubt!

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