"The Jolly Ball" is the Perfect Replacement for Fetch-Hating Dogs

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This giant dog toy makes dogs go wild!

The Jolly Ball for dogs is the ideal interactive dog toy that will ensure hours of happy romps. If you're shopping pet supplies on Amazon, this best-seller can't be beat.

If your favorite toy for Fido is usually a frisbee, you know how limiting the game can be. First off, a frisbee is not intended as a dog chew toy, and all too often, the hard plastic can be destructive on an aggressive chewer's teeth. Second, not all dogs like to fetch. We all have that pooch who stares forlornly at you when you throw a ball or toy, hoping that he'll go get it. Fetch might not be his thing, but there are other toys just as enriching.

What Toys Can I Buy If My Dog Hates Fetch?

Fortunately, for fetch-hating dogs, there are a few options for enriching play. Not all dogs appreciate a good game of fetch, but increasing the size of the ball can help engage your pooch — Dogs lacking coordination can also benefit from having a larger ball to play with. Some dogs just prefer the size of a larger ball, as they can kick, nose, and run around with the ball in a way that a tennis ball just won't do. Regardless, these toys are perfect for building brain power in your pooch and keeping him mentally stimulated.

One thing most all small and large breeds have in common is tugging. It seems almost every dog loves a good game of Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss. Even if your dog isn't a fetcher, he's likely a fan of tug-of-war. The ultimate combination of toy involves a large ball with a handle for tugging. If you want a great toy like that to put on your pet supplies wish list, you've gotta add the Jolly Pets Push-n-Play, Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss, or the Jolly Pets teaser ball dog toy to your shopping cart. These toys all give your pup something to tug on, while being large enough that he won't associate the ball with fetch. If you're tired of your dog staring at boring toys, try these instead.

Although these toys are made to be durable, interactive dog toys are still at the mercy of your pet. These clever dog toys are best for pets weighing up to 60 pounds, meaning large breeds like a German Shepherd may not be the best candidates for the tug and toss dog toy. But, you can add other Jolly Pets toys to your Amazon shopping cart depending on your needs!

Best Jolly Balls for Dogs

1. Jolly Pets Tug-N-Toss 

No more searching for fun toys for your pooch. That's right. Say goodbye to boring, plastic balls. The Jolly Pets brand of dog toys is made from durable and non-toxic polyethylene. The Jolly Pets jolly ball is even scented. This means your doggie can follow his nose during playtime and engage all of his senses. This awesome non-toxic doggie ball can float, too. Grab the handle and watch Rover fetch and make a splash, all at the same time!

2. Jolly Pets Soccer Ball 

Proudly made in the USA, this indestructible soccer ball is an awesome choice if you want a non-toxic toy that won't deflate. This toy is great for dogs who love to chase after a soccer or basketball, but it's much harder for them to ruin!

3. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll

How about something for everyone? This rope ball toy is available in three different sizes and is perfect for pairs.

Check out the Jolly Ball for dogs collection on Amazon and add some fun to your wish list today.

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This article was originally published on August 7, 2021.

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