Jeremy Wade Sturgeon
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Jeremy Wade Nearly Gets Out-Muscled By a 140-Pound White Sturgeon

Jeremy Wade tangles with a sturgeon that is as big as him.

When it comes to the list of coolest freshwater fish on Earth, we are going to put the colossal white sturgeon near the top of the list every single time. These prehistoric monsters are some of the few survivors from prehistoric days. They are extremely bony fish that look like dinosaurs.

Mostly because these fish watched the dinosaurs come and go from this planet. That's an impressive reputation to uphold! As a result, these fish are on many the bucket lists of many anglers.

To truly get a sense of their size and strength, just watch one of our favorite fishing personalities, Jeremy Wade tangle with a six-footer. This fish weighs over 140 pounds, yet is a baby compared to how large these fish can grow.

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It is hard to believe the fish Jeremy catches in this video is one of the little ones. However, specimens pushing 20 feet and weights approaching 1,200 pounds have been caught and released. It is hard to imagine a freshwater fish of that size anywhere, let alone in North America! Most of the true giants have come from British Columbia's Fraser River in recent years.

As impressive as their size and unique looks are, so is their longevity. Some of the longer specimens are believed capable of living over 100 years or more. As more anglers learn this fact, more are approaching this species from a conservation standpoint. Because at one point in time, the sturgeon, much like another prehistoric relic, the alligator gar, were fished nearly to extinction.

Fortunately, better heads have prevailed in modern times and more anglers recognize these fish for the natural wonders and survivors they are. We are glad they did too. Because it would be a shame to see such a magnificent fish disappear from this world. Modern catch-and-release efforts should ensure these fish survive for future generations to enjoy.

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