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Jeep Wranglers Nearly Outsold Camrys Last Month

After recording the best sales numbers ever, Jeep Wranglers are pushing the idea that the traditional family car is changing, and it has the numbers to prove it.

Sooooooo, we need to talk about how sedans are evaporating like the characters in Avengers: Infinity War. Sorry, spoiler alert. But, for real, it's one thing to see some slippage in sales; that happens. But it's another thing to get nearly run off the scales by sport utility vehicles, namely Jeep Wranglers.



Rolling Over The Competition

The trend in auto sales this year so far has not only swung in favor of compact SUV's and bigger trucks—it's also completely changed the narrative on the sedan's place on the American road. Just recently Ford reported that it was going to end production on all cars except for the Mustang and Focus by 2020 because people aren't buying cars that much anymore.

And now, Jalopnik is reporting that Jeep Wranglers nearly outsold Toyota Camrys in April, which is a huge deal. The Camry is arguably the most consistently sought-after sedan and it sold a modest 29,848 units last month. But Jeep Wranglers, coming off great feedback about the updated 2018 JL model, saw a giant jump in drawn tickets at 29,776. That's just shy of 100 vehicles short of matching the Camry. It was the best month everin recorded sales for Jeep Wranglers to boot.

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Jeep Jump

Camrys are mostly known as family cars, but with the huge boom in sales for Jeep Wranglers it only goes to show that families are rethinking what it means to get around. We're not sure if Wranglers will continue to see a big jump in sales like this throughout the year or if it's just a seasonal thing. Typically between 15,000 and 20,000 Jeep Wranglers are sold every month, so this increase may be a flash in the pan. But to nearly edge out the Camry? There's a lot of smoke there.

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