A recent Jeep recall has put Cherokees in the spotlight

Jeep Recall Battle: Cleveland Woman Claims Cherokee Locked Up on Highway

A Jeep recall went out recently, but apparently skipped over a Cleveland woman's model, which locked up on a highway. 

Recalls have been owning the auto news lately and for good reason. Companies like Ford, Dodge and Kia have seen car models sent back due to faulty steering, ineffective brakes and the like, and drivers are taking note. Now, Fiat Chrysler, which has just sent out a Jeep recall for a number of models, is back in the spotlight again as a Cleveland woman claims her Jeep locked up on the highway.

The owner of a 2015 Jeep Cherokee says she was driving on her way home when her SUV shifted into neutral on its own, causing her to lose control of the steering column. The driver, who had her two kids in the car with her, was able to get the Jeep to slow down and off the road before taking it to a nearby garage.

A recent Jeep recall has put Cherokees in the spotlight

A recent Jeep recall has put Cherokees in the spotlight

Getting Testy

The owners of the garage ran tests and found a number of problems with the Jeep. Research from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration shows that there's a Jeep recall in place for 2014-2015 Cherokees that have transmissions that slip into neutral without warning. But the Cleveland driver discovered her specific model was not part of the Jeep recall.

She got in touch with the automaker, but had a ton of trouble nailing down a contact or an opportunity to plead her case. It didn't come easy. She says Jeep kept hanging up on her or disconnecting, so she took it into a dealership and found more wiring issues.

Jeep then turned around and said her vehicle is not subject to any recall. Now, the driver is out repair costs and still has no resolution to her problem from a principles standpoint.

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